Maker’s Mark



    Maker's Mark


    Highlight the most wonderful time of the year for the brand through an original music track by a Grammy award-winning composer, infusing elements of the holiday classic “Jingle Bells”. A full-length version, released on streaming platforms, adding a new holiday favorite to drinkers’ end-of-year playlists.


    Original song composition

    Public domain song clearance

Song credits

  • Composer: Robert DiPietro, in collaboration with Ear Candy Shop; Public Domain sample of “Jingle Bells”
    Performed by: Robert DiPietro and Karlie Bruce

Project impact

  • Gorgeous global creative
    The first original full-length song by the brand, adding “a little something” for consumers, which fits with the brand’s ethos.
  • Very high ROI on marketing
    Ran for two years