We are a boutique and nimble team of music experts who, from start to finish, ensure you’re getting the most out of your music investment. From brand business objectives to concepting and execution, we’re your extended team members who take care of all the details so you can focus on the art.


Music Selection

Licensing & Negotiation

Original Composition

Working with us might be the next step if...


You’re committed to making something memorable that will touch your consumers.


You lead the charge on getting higher returns on investment for advertising and want to see how you can do that with music.


You’re already investing in high-quality music in your advertising and want to connect it to value for the business.


You’re ready to simplify and streamline the music process – creative, legal, negotiation, production.

Sam Parvin

Owner & CEO

I’m Sam Parvin, and I started this company in direct response to my many years working in recording studios, in the Global Headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company, with creative agencies and production companies, and even with other music agencies, in over a dozen countries. I saw a massive opportunity to look at the music selection and procurement process on a holistic level, and optimize each area of the business it touches – from Brand Strategy, to Creative, Legal and Finance, to Production and Post… We know music is a potent tool to connect with people and truly say something powerful. Our role is to make that happen for your brand, your business, and your consumers, with ease.

Sam Parvin
Sam Parvin