Maker’s Mark Global “Make it Remarkable”

Services: Music Rights Negotiation, Custom Song Re-Interpretation

Maker’s Mark is a brand that’s truly committed to making it remarkable, not just in their whisky but also in their marketing. 

We had two beautiful spots where we wanted to choose music that would be authentic to the respective characters, further the storylines, and also bring the two remarkable stories together. 

We settled on an absolutely classic, multi-generational hip-hop track and created two different new interpretations of the song, one to fit with the character “Calvin” in “Make it Remarkable” and a more indie version for our characters Philip and Alice in the spot “It’s Your Maker’s Moment”. 

Song: “Can I Kick It?”, originally written by Lou Reed and performed by A Tribe Called Quest

Interpreted & Performed by: “It’s Your Maker’s Moment” version – Refs; “Make it Remarkable” version – iLLFaded


This is one of my absolute favorite solutions for many projects. You can literally save hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating your own interpretation of a famous song, AND you have the creative flexibility to make it specific to your brand and consumer.