Knowledge is power. Our goal is to provide you with honest information that gives you and your team the power to see music from the big picture as well as the details; what you should be considering yourselves, and when you should bring on an expert. 

Below are some frequent questions we get asked and trusted responses. We give away much more detailed guides, rubrics and checklists via our email newsletter, so make sure to sign up here

How much does music cost for my project?

Pricing for music is a whole beast of its own. And while it can seem quite nebulous and un-defined and even “secret” at times, there are several factors that go into pricing for music. 

When we talk about a new project, I will always ask for this information – all factors that determine price.

  • Brand 
  • What type of campaign is this (ex. holiday, manifesto, social only)
  • Pieces of Creative (longest version length and number of pieces)
  • Territory (ex. worldwide, US only, LATAM)
  • Term (ex. 1 year, 6 months, 3 months)
  • Media (ex. TV, Internet, Cinema, Industrial Use)
  • Allotted Music Budget
  • Media Budget

If you have not already allotted a budget, we will discuss the role of music in the piece and the factors bulleted above and determine together a fair budget range. 

I highly suggest giving me a call BEFORE sharing any budget numbers with your clients, as music can cost literally anywhere between $25 USD and $2.5 million. 

A conversation with Parvin Music about what possibilities there are for your project is free and at no obligation.  

How quickly can you get it done?

Music Licensing

72 hours – First round of song options

Additional rounds of song options will depend on how quickly we receive feedback and how specific that feedback is.

Song Usage Rights Negotiation: Major Label/Publisher (“famous”) Song

1 week – initial ballpark cost

1 to 3 additional weeks to get to final negotiated price

Song Usage Rights Negotiation: Independent Artist Song 1 week
Original Music Composition

1 to 2 weeks for first draft(s)

2 to 4 weeks from first brief to final delivery

Brand Sound Discovery 2 to 4 weeks
Re-Create a Famous Song

4 to 5 weeks

This includes creating a new version of the song and securing the song’s usage rights

Sound Design & Editing 2 hours to 2 weeks

The timelines above of course are estimates. Each project is unique, so let’s have a conversation to determine more specific timelines. Speaking sooner rather than later is always the best idea. 🙂 

When do I call you?

Great question! The absolute best time is as soon as you start talking about creating a new piece of content / launching a new project. There’s no harm in having a first conversation for you to get clear on EVERYTHING that is possible and things to consider re: music. A discovery call is always free with PM.

By now you’ve seen a million opportunities to book a free, no-obligation call with us, so choose any one of those, schedule a call, and let’s get you armed and ready to dominate music for that project. 

If you want a much more detailed answer, keep reading.

 Having music conversations with the right people at the right times is crucial in making sure that ALL possibilities for music are available to you. 

My Current Situation

When to Call Parvin Music

“I’m a brand director / IMC and have a campaign idea and am not sure what to do for music.”  NOW
“I’m a brand director / IMC and have a music idea and want to know if it’s financially feasible.”  NOW
“I’m a producer and need a general budget range to help us win the pitch.” NOW
“I’m a creative and want to pitch a music idea to my client and need to know if the idea is financially feasible.” NOW
“I’m looking for general ideas on what we could do for an upcoming campaign.” NOW
“I’m at a brand and we know music is important and want to see how we can be thinking about it from a brand continuity perspective moving forward, for all projects.”  NOW



  • Make sure the budget you have allotted truly reflects what the music actually costs, BEFORE you get full alignment from the whole team on the budget.
  • The first music you / your client listens to may be what they fall in love with. We highly suggest NOT putting a famous song that will be out of your budget range in any version of the pitch / idea, as anything you listen to after that may fall short. 
  • If you have creative questions, have a creative person be responsible for being in communication with your music provider. If you have budget and timeline needs, have the producer or other person responsible for this be in touch re: music budgets and timelines. Which is a great segue to… 


Who on my team should I have talk to you?

 Hey, you’ve got all sorts of great questions today!

In order to give an accurate price, it’s necessary to know more or less what you want to do, creatively. So please have a creative speak with us before asking for a budget.