Ariel “Don Juan” and “Zombie”

Services: Original Composed Music Composer: Ricardo Galván Kondo

We originally composed this track for 2 TV spots that would air only in Mexico. Over the last couple years, the brand discovered that the audio has helped significantly solidify the RECALL of the BRAND in the minds of consumers. 

The music has now been used in dozens of pieces for Ariel across Latin America and the first few opening notes has been adopted as the brand’s “audio logo” – a way to identify the brand, even if you don’t SEE the advertisement.


You and I, as consumers, determine what brands we will buy because they “feel right” for us. Whether you consciously develop a sound for your brand or not, people are choosing to use your product or service based on how it sounds. Make sure your brand SAYS SOMETHING to those you want to connect with, without mixed messages.