Focus on expanding your business and doing something that’s never been done before. We’ll be your trusted extended team and handle the details. 


I’m Sam Parvin, Owner of Parvin Music, and I started this company in direct response to my many years working in recording studios, in the Global Headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company, with creative agencies and production companies, and even other music agencies, in over a dozen countries. I see a massive opportunity for brands to develop a point of view and way of doing music that is unique to that brand. Just as you would have a Visual Identity, common language… why wouldn’t music, arguably THE most powerful way to connect on a deep and meaningful level with someone, be any different? While it may or may not make sense for your brand to have an entire strategy around music, we work with you to discover where the brand is going and how we can use music to help get there, as one highly effective means for communication.


Click here for my full career biography, including awards won. 

Here’s our approach

Let’s focus on the project or brand GOAL, and we’ll bring in whatever team necessary to make that happen, from our crew of trusted, hyper-talented music geeks.

So whether you want to create a pop song in French or a reggae version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, you’ll get the creative experts in that area.

Parvin Music puts together the perfect team of music experts, unique to each project.

Our Services:

Music Supervision

You know you need music, but… how do you find a song that’s just right creatively AND licensable for your budget and needs? Our music nerds will troll the interwebs and our network to find what you need. WARNING: You may end up with too many good options that you don’t know which to choose. It’s happened before…

Music Licensing

Music law is tricky. Leave it to the experts to guide you on what you SHOULD be paying for music and secure all rights necessary so you can rest easy.

Original Music Composition

From pop songs to orchestral scores, we’ll create a custom piece of music that communicates exactly what you want to.

Re-Create a Famous Song

…with a killer independent artist or with a major-label talent!

Brand Sound Discovery

Are you missing a cohesive and clear way to communicate your brand across many pieces of content and projects? Let’s have an effective and efficient workshop to determine your brand’s sound and point of view on music and assure that what you’re communicating aurally is aligned with the brand.

If you can’t tell yet, one of the most exciting things for us is hearing what your brand is creating and being able to deliver to you music that’s cooler, higher quality, less expensive, easier and more valuable for your brand than you ever imagined.

Let’s bring your expertise and our expertise together and create something of which we’ll all be proud and from which the brand will grow.


Let our clients share with you their experiences.

“Samantha came highly recommended to me from Coca Cola Marketers and her genius is worth every penny. The TV/OLV creative Samantha contracted music for increased effectiveness by 10% vs. the creative on the table prior to her input. Whether you need “clean up” crew – audio exploration/optimization or someone in the room that prioritizes sound you won’t regret enlisting Sam. She is globally-minded, idea driven and will lock in music your brand deserves. And because Sam has direct access with artists, record companies and a sound engineer, studio – she can work FAST!! I mean like, in a few hours / overnight FAST. I would trust Sam with any brief, and now invite her to all my briefings. Samantha Parvin – music to any marketer’s plan.”

-Janna Reddig
Director of Global IMC at Beam Suntory

“My team and I had an incredible idea for a Non-Governmental Organization that completely depended on the music. At first investigation, the music seemed seemingly impossible to secure because it is a very famous song and our not-for-profit client needed it to be donated (or close to it!). I don’t know HOW she did it, but Sam made it happen. Since that experience, I have worked with her on a few more projects, and the results are always great.”

-Rodrigo Casas
Creative Director, VMLY&R México

Parvin Music has created a revenue stream for my company that would have been pretty difficult to come by otherwise. The size of the projects that I have been able to work on [with Samantha] has grown quite a bit. Parvin Music is definitely working with the top brands/agencies/production companies in Mexico and the U.S.”

-Ricardo Galván
Multi-Award Winning Music Composer, Producer, Engineer